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Tea: Ku Din Cha 199 China

In stock: 319 kg
Density: 197 grams/liter
1990 ₽/kg
kg per box

Chinese green tea Ku Ding (translated from Chinese as “bitter grass”) is a tea that is unique in its properties. This is the only type of tea that does not grow on shrubs, as it grows high in the mountains on tall trees. The aroma manifests many shades, in the taste there is a certain bitterness with a sweeter aftertaste. Tea is suitable for lovers of tart saturated drinks. Ku Ding tea is truly one of the most medicinal teas in all of China; it is used on a large scale in a wide variety of manufacturing industries. Ku Ding is part of many medicines for weight loss and body cleansing, has a tonic effect and improves performance, invigorates and relieves fatigue, is useful for diabetes, as it lowers blood sugar, strengthens the immune system and is used for colds.

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