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Tea: Bound green Lemon Lily Lichee A 327 China

In stock: 39 kg
Density: 98 grams/liter
3100 ₽/kg
kg per box

Lemon Lily Lychee refers to "flowering tea." Elite tea with natural lychee juice. This wonderful healing drink has a mild flavor and an exquisite delicate aroma of lemon. It relieves fatigue and improves performance. Light and pleasant, it perfectly tones and enhances vitality. Tea leaves collected in the rainy season are used in the production. Green tea with buds is held together with cotton or silk threads. This will allow the flower to "open" when brewing, and not to disintegrate in separate pieces. Bound tea is popular all over the world for its exquisite taste and no less attractive appearance. Brewing such a drink is a real art, because in the process you get a whole tea flower, revealing bizarre shapes.

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